David Fisher

David Fisher is a glaciologist who co-led (with Roy Koerner) the development of deep ice coring and ice core paleoclimatology in Canada, after it had originally been started by W S B Paterson. He is currently head of the National Glaciology Program. He has worked on ice cores from the Agassiz, Devon and Penny ice caps, and from Mount Logan. He was lead investigator on the recent Mt Logan coring program. His major contributions include the co-discovery (with Koerner) that the early Holocene was the warmest part of the Post-glacial period in the high Arctic and the identification of the acidification of polar snow since 1880. He also co-discovered and quantified, the special rheological properties of Ice Age ice. His work has been largely responsible for defining the statistics of ice core stratigraphic records and regional ensembles of multi-proxy records. He pioneered the development and use of intermediate complexity models (ICMs) for understanding stable isotopes in the earth's global and local water cycle. He has also been a leader in the development of Martian Glaciology.

David is responsible for the regional synthesis component of the project. He is also involved in the interpretation of the temperature proxy records and analysis of their relationship to other records and, along with all the investigators, will contribute to investigating the relationships between proxy records and their implications for climate-sea ice-mass balance interactions.

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