Public Devon Mass Balance Dataset

Annual (1980-2006) high resolution (1km by 1km) glacier model output for the Devon Island Ice Cap is now available for download.  The dataset contains annual model output of several key glaciological variables ranging from net mass balance to melt onset and freeze up dates.  The dataset will be extended as regional climate data comes available. See the dataset documentation for further details.



Devon Mass Balance


Real-time AWS

Real-time meteorological data now available from the Devon Ice Cap summit.


Devon AWS

NSERC Feature

"There is no better way to predict how a glacier will melt than going inside the glacier itself"

NSERC Web Feature

In the News

"Scientists with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration are flying over the shrinking Arctic ice cap this summer in an effort to determine just how much the melting ice is contributing to the rise of sea level worldwide."

CBC News, Tue, 23 May 2006

CBC Climate Change